Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things are Looking UP!!!!!

Mollie writes:

I don't know where each of us is on the current economic crisis, but this Mollie is as happy as a clam.

Three significant people in my life have either been hired by employers with really decent wages, or are at least being seriously considered for positions with really decent wages.

This doesn't compensate for my friends who are currently out of work, but IMHO, this is a huge relief. It seems as though employment is picking up, and in the mainstream business community for livable wages!

Not only that, but my friends who managed to keep their business afloat during these times are finding that their business is starting to revive.

It sure makes this cranky old lady a happy camper!


  1. Hah, this on the day when Portland was voted #2 on the list of The Most Miserable Places to Live by the "Wall Street Journal" on the basis of local unemployment, home prices and gas prices.

    Get up to speed, New York! Seriously! :D

  2. As one of those people recently hired - I'm one happy camper. The job poses challenges and opportunities - fingers are crossed I'm up to the task!

  3. ^^Congratulations, Anonymous! Fingers are crossed for you!


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