Wednesday, March 2, 2011

“Blog” is a Verb

Millie writes:

Even for a professional journalist, writing a blog presents a bit of a challenge at times. It's not like writing an article, where you're given an assignment and write to suit the editors; neither is it like keeping a journal, where you write to suit yourself (even if the journal is public). Writing a blog entails a lot of what Lance calls “White-Paper Syndrome” - this is where you sit and look at the pristine unmarked page (or screen!) and can't think of anything to write that's worth marking up the paper.

Of course, Millie and I have each other, so odds are that if one of us is stymied on any given day the other one will have an ace up her literary sleeve. We also have Maggie and May and a few others, who look in from time to time with their unique perspectives. Most importantly, we have you, the Constant Readers. Without readers it's not a blog . . . without you, we're just writing letters to no one.

We're learning as we go, and I hope to eventually make the site even more user-friendly (for example, I'd like to insert a permanent “Ask Millie and Mollie a Question” link – for now, just ask in a note after any entry). A few of you have even given us advice in this area, which has been extremely helpful!

So, thank you, Constant Readers. Thank you for your feedback and your support. Please continue to note us, to laugh and argue and commiserate with us and with each other. If something we've written piques your interest, pass it along to your friends – there are buttons at the bottom of each entry that will let you share it via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz or your blog.

Because we're Millie, Mollie, Maggie, May – and you.


  1. Can I be Muffy? With those names you have to have a Muffy.

  2. Yes, Muffy, you can be Muffy!!!!!!!!

    Any other takers?


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