Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laugh, Don't Cry!

"Mommy? I was picking up trash in the bedroom, right where Jacob asked me to... and then he threw a pillow at me from on top of the bunk bed!" My oldest daughter looked at me, indignation plastered across her face, seeking justice.

I laughed. Yes, at her.

Her face began showing signs of crumbling. Before she fell all apart, I gathered her into my arms and tried to show her the humor in the situation. "Laureli," I began, "can't you just picture it? There Jacob is, evilly scheming away.. calculating exactly where you need to be for him to launch his attack successfully... buaahahhahaha..." She raised her head and looked at me, slightly bewildered, though trying not to laugh with me. "Baby.. you need to learn to laugh at yourself! Find the humor in the situation!"

I'm trying to impart a very important lesson to my children: learn to laugh at yourself. I didn't learn that growing up, and still struggle with taking things personally in my adult life. I'm hoping that, by teaching them young, there will be less hurt feelings and greater mirth in their lives.

And that I, too, will learn how to laugh more readily at myself.

"I can't laugh right now..." Laureli pouted. "Well.. if you can't laugh, then at least don't cry about it. It really is okay."

Teachable moments are awesome.

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