Sunday, March 20, 2011

On second thought . . .

Mollie writes:

I'm so lucky to have Millie as a co-blogger - I read her take on the FDIL and she's right. Mimi's reeling from the snub now, but in a few years, she'll be glad she kept her powder dry.

Which begs the question: When do we offer comfort and solace and when do we offer advice?

Mimi is a good friend with her share of dignity. We don't agree on each and every issue: she thinks I'm an idiot and I occasionally disagree with that summation. But we are both avid gardeners, readers, cooks, and frankly, seem to have a common train of thought. So in spite of our differences, we get along quite well.

So, I'm hoping that when we go shopping for her MIL dress in April, that she'll forgive me if I encourage her to consider ALL colors of the spectrum when selecting a dress. Black could be a consideration, but isn't a necessity.

That said, I'm not thinking that there's much Mimi can do to rescue the situation. A dog that bites once needs to be watched. This blow was below the belt. And blaming the future groom does not bode well for an adult union.

So, Mimi, go to the wedding, wear a beautiful dress of your choice, and make the best of it. That's my advice. But remember, I'm here for comfort, consolation, and a big bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon!


  1. My dearest Mollie. I have never considered you and idiot....if I did, we would not be friends as you know one of my greatest faults is never suffering fools....

    and I may forgot the tray of brains and horror film makeup, but black it shall be....

  2. I actually whole heartedly agree with Millie. I was aghast and horrified when reading the situation. What an awful way to get things started, indeed!

    Grace and good humor!


  3. I hope you're taking notes, because I think you've got the beginnings of a fantastic new entry in your collection of family folklore.

    A sense of humor can get us through, even when Emily Post fails us!


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