Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gotta Choose

Ever have one of those days where if you don't laugh (hysterically), you'll break down and weep at the pointlessness of it all?

I've been having one of those days.

First thing this morning I had to deal with a difficult family member that drives me batty in order to help coordinate a get together.

Then I spent forty minutes on the phone trying to give someone directions to our house... but I couldn't just give them "turn right over the bridge, past the Chevron" sort of directions. No, THAT would be too easy. The lady taking down my information wanted me to give her North, South, East and West directions, in miles, then as they get closer to my house, in yards. Seriously? While I was on the phone with her, I tried putting the baby down in her playpen, because she fell asleep in my lap and I was beginning to cramp up the way I was sitting. Does she stay asleep? No. No biggie, I was smiling at her through the playpen meshing while trying my best to keep a cool head with the lady on the phone.

But then my phone started to beep, indicating its need to be plugged in. So I had to walk away from her. She was fine for awhile, until her oldest sister woke her older sister by making the gates come crashing down outside of her bedroom. Then she flipped out and wanted out of the pen.

I was finally able to get off the phone (and will be very surprised if the guys can find our house, seeing as she didn't let me finish giving directions), only to need to put a bandaid on the foot of the child who just woke up. She declared she "couldn't walk" and I needed to "hold her".

This same child has been day time potty trained for quite some time now. For the past few days, however, she has been having accidents left and right. To say that I have been unamused is putting it nicely. To be honest, I'm quite irritated with the situation.

So when she peed on the carpet this afternoon, I had to choose not to cry.

Oh, I wanted to. And I might still if this day continues to go the way it has gone all morning and into the afternoon.

But for now, I'm holding the tears back, behind a thin veil of laughter.

Whew. What a day.


  1. I feel your pain, Sister. Sometimes the only consolation to be had about a day like this is the hilarious stories you'll be able to tell about it later.

    Sometimes MUCH later.

  2. In a parallel universe . . .


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