Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dear Millie And Mollie . . .

Mollie writes:

This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

My name is Mimi and I have a problem -

My precious only child is getting married in June. He's marrying a person who isn't always on my "To Love" list, but my son loves her and is planning a future with her so I'm learning to accommodate some of her shortcomings.

We received the invitation to their wedding yesterday and it reads:

"Mr and Mrs John Braun
Request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their Daughter,
Eva Marie Braun
Mr. Robert Smith
the son of
Mr. George Smith
at St. Judas Iscariot Church
666 S Styx Lane
Great Falls, Montana

at Midnight
June 13, 2011

Reception to follow

I have been married to my husband, George, for 40 years. We are not divorced. I am not dead, and I have been a dutiful mother for over 30 years. We still pay for the son's medical insurance, and we paid for their upcoming honeymoon, a cruise in the South Pacific.

Yet she left me off the invitation none the less. She tells me it was an accident, but I'm not so sure. This is a knife in my back and through my heart as well.

How do you think I should handle this?


Mollie responds:

Cherished Mimi:

Wear black to the wedding.
Drink copiously from a flask in your backpack.
Ask repeatedly why the bride is wearing white.
Have a scarlet "MIL" tattooed on your forehead.

That should do it!

Any thoughts, Millie, Maggie and May?


  1. beth noodlebugs pollyannapickles (you pick)March 19, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    If it was truly a mistake the invitations should have been reordered prior to sending them out!

    None the less, they have been sent out. I certainly hope that Mimi can move beyond it and take Eva's word at face value. IMO, there should be some appropriate way to acknowledge Mimi at the ceremony. I find it nice when the bride and groom each present a single rose and a hug to their new mother.

    Mimi is going to have to take the high road for the sake of future relationship, unfortunately. Let the wedding day be a fresh start for them both--perhaps a lunch for just the two of them would be in order?

    This attitude will pay off when the grandkids come :)

  2. Good call. This is the right thing to do -

    I'm hoping that Mimi sees this. I'm hoping that she will be able to endure this with a grain of humor - although, in the short-term, it was hurtful to her.


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