Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Every Day - Day 7: Molly Wraps (Rap)s!

It's day 7 my friends and I've got something to say!

How to confuse your kids 'til the Christmas Day.

Wrap those presents kid by kid

But don't you worry 'bout keepin them hid.

Each kid gets their own color paper and bows

But this isn't just how everything goes

On Christmas Morning, tell who gets what

But before then, just keep your mouth shut!

Peter gets the presents in newsprint and Roger - brown bags.

Only Daddy gets the ones with the id tags!

The kids won't guess who gets what

Until Christmas morning when the silence is cut!

Millie writes:

Vacuum up the paper scraps with your faithful Bissel, Bro,

Then you and Mister Mollie kick it underneath the mistletoe!


  1. This is TOO funny! I love the idea of wrapping by kid, I think I do that this year by family!



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