Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Mollie writes:

John and I are home, headed to some friends' home for Christmas dinner.  In days past, we'd spend the day with our own kids, opening presents, eating our feast . . . and writing "Thank you" notes.

The job didn't take more than a half hour, but the boys' grandparents and other friends got "Thank you" notes written on Christmas day and mailed on the 26th.

We'd hear a little grumbling, but once the chore was underway, things went pretty smoothly.  There weren't THAT many Thank You notes, but there were some.

It's important that our kids learn that if someone puts time, energy and money into buying wrapping and delivering/mailing a gift, a child can acknowledge its receipt.

We usually were able to nag notes before the big meal, and before we let them use the presents.  I know this is a little astringent, but saying "Thank You" on Christmas seems like the ultimate gift.

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