Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Every Day: Day 16

Millie writes:

Write letters to Santa! Put the letters in an envelope so you can "mail it to the North Pole" later on; tuck the envelope into your purse if you need a shopping list, or keep it with the baby books.

Our kids are a little old for Santa Letters these days, but we keep the tradition. Each year they receive 3x5 cards with "Reasonable" written on the front and "Unreasonable" written on the back. This gives them space to dream big, and us a few specific hints (Green Day or Muse? Lewis Carroll or Stephenie Meyer?)

If your children tend to copy the contents of the toy catalog, limit their list to 5 or 6 things. If it helps, my mom had an iron-clad rule: Santa Claus doesn't bring anything that is advertised on television!

Johnny wants a pair of skates
Suzie wants a dolly,
Nellie wants a storybook
She thinks dolls are folly
As for me, my little brain
Isn't very bright
Choose for me, oh, Santa Claus
What you think is right!

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