Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Every Day: Day 31

Millie writes:

Eat 12 grapes, one for each month in the New Year, making a wish for each month.

If your kids are too young to stay up until midnight, “fudge” it a bit by letting them stay up 30 minutes or an hour past their bedtime. While away the hours making noisemaker: use a rubber band to fasten a square of paper over one end of an empty toilet-paper tube, add a handful of dried beans (or pebbles or rice or whatever) to the tube, then seal the other end. Let the kids decorate the tubes with stickers, crayons, felt pens, etc.

Herald the birth of the new year by blowing horns, banging on pots and drinking a sparkling-cider toast. Hey – it's midnight somewhere, right?

Happy New Year from Millie and Mollie and Maggie and May! May 2011 be magnificent!

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