Friday, June 25, 2010

Mental Health Days

There are times - and today is one of those times - when I just . . . don't want to. I'm not crabby, I'm not ill, there's nothing wrong (well nothing that isn't everyday-caliber wrong, if you know what I mean); today I just have a deep antipathy towards doing my everday, run-of-the-mill stuff.

I'm lucky in a way; my "money" job is one for which I set my own hours, so if I slack off for a day I can make it up by working double-time later. I will surely rue it when "later" arrives, but the option is there nonetheless. My real-life job is motherhood, though, and as all inmates of this profession know - there is no time off for good behavior.

Not really.

Still, I can take it easy there too, at least for one day. I can declare (internally) that today our house will be a nag-free zone. I can let things slide just the tiniest bit. I can relax a little of what Mad-Eye Moody calls "constant vigilance!" and look the other way when someone props their muddy shoes on the couch again or the teasing reaches critical mass.

Yup, I'm still on duty, and it is my eternal charge that people be fed, clothed, sheltered and loved - but I think today I'll take a vacation from Teaching, Molding and Improving the Minds.

Pass the popsicles and pop in a video. Mom's taking a Mental Health Day!

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  1. I think I've taken a Mental Health Week here, recently. I count it a huge success when the children make it through the day more or less alive. :D



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