Saturday, June 26, 2010

Empty Nest Syndrome

Mollie writes:

Yep, I get it every so often.  You'd think that after the kids have been out of the nest for 5+ years, I would  have recovered, but every so often I see a baby and just melt.

Not that I want a baby.  But another one of my close friends became a grandmother recently and she has the cutest granddaughter.  She gets to cuddle, snuggle, kiss, hug, spoil, tickle, and croon to this little person and then she can go home to a full night's sleep.

Such a deal!

There is no way I could parent again.  MS, and a bunch of other assorted health issues, have cancelled my parenting pass.  Half of knowing anything about parenting is acknowledging how much energy (physical, emotional and mental to name a few) goes into this job.  And although I have just enough spit for a grand-baby, it's something I can wait for.  Right now, I'm enjoying that calm before the storm, and enjoying it mightily.

But my grand-mommy buddies are, in my humble opinion, just the luckiest chicks on the planet.  All of them have granddaughters, all of the granddaughters are the mostest perfect little women in the world.  And each of my buds is blessed with the ability to share - meaning I've had the privilege of snuzzling the little ones (except the most recent who's less than a month old).

I am writing this for new mothers.  Out there, somewhere, is a Mollie, a ripe old loving mother who's not ready for grandkids but still needs a baby fix.  And I'll bet you know a couple, they are your mom's friends.  If you notice one or two of them stopping by with food and clothes for the baby, mention that you'd love an evening off.

You just might get lucky.  You could drop off your precious for a 3 hour hug/cuddle fest while you and your cuddle-partner get a meal out, go to Costco, or take in a movie.  Three hours is 1.5 diapers (break out the HAZMAT suit) 4 ounces of milk, and endless joy for the babysitting Mollie.

John and I live on Whidbey Island, where the baby pickin' is lean.  But if the call were to come from a mommy on Whidbey for a three hour respite, I'd have a hard time saying no.

Millie writes:

Amen, amen, amen!

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  1. I'll be sure to keep this in mind. ;)


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