Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Do You Know You're a Grownup?

Millie writes:

Earlier this week Millie and Mollie were discussing babies, but today my mind is turning in the direction of other fledgling creatures – those who have finished their schooling or other training and are ready to try their wings. It's a wonderful stage in life, to be young and full of promise and capable of everything.

Still, even the most capable graduate can suspect he might still have a ways to go. How do you know when you've arrived?

The Top 10 Differences Between a Young Adult and a Grownup

1.A young adult cleans up his own puke – a grownup cleans up someone else's puke.

2.A young adult has a paycheck – a grownup has a budget.

3.A young adult adds “milk” to the shopping list if he drinks the last of it – a grownup buys milk.

4.A young adult has chores – a grownup has housework.

5.A young adult makes his own choices – a grownup's choices affect other people.

6.A young adult is finished with school – a grownup is always willing to learn something new.

7.A young adult can get credit – a grownup pays off debt.

8.A young adult is answerable to no one – a grownup is answerable to himself.

9.A young adult buys what he wants – a grownup buys what he needs.

10.A young adult thinks he's a grownup – a grownup knows that, deep down, he will always be a child.


  1. Number 2 made me WOOHOO, YEAH!

    And I was patting myself on the back saying, yup, I guess I'm a grown up.

    Until I got to #10. Then, dangit, my little self-congratulatory bubble burst. :P


  2. I knew I was a young adult when I received my first paycheck including deductions. I knew I was a grown up when I paid taxes anyway!!!!!!


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