Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing: The Bitchin' Post!

Millie writes:

Mollie and I have been pretty lucky in our lives, and we know it. So far we haven't come across any calamity that we can't handle with grace, quick thinking and the love of our super-hero spouses and kids. But - and as anyone who's hiked behind me can attest, that's a big but - we can't handle anything without the support of our friends.

We all have times in our lives when we need a little extra boost but we can't get it from the people around us. Maybe we're going through an awful divorce and can't vent about the Ex in front of the kids; maybe we have a very ill child and we can't express our fears without making it worse for the rest of the family; maybe the adoption is dragging, or the grey hairs now outnumber the blonde, or we haven't had sex in six months.

We designed The Bitchin' Post to be your loving, supportive, funny, kick-in-the-pants virtual table full of girlfriends with a cup of tea, a dessert plate and a fork apiece. Bear with us as the site evolves in whichever way you choose to take it - we'll try to keep up.

Click on the no-nonsense cowgirl to the right - she'll take you to the new site, and bring you back too, when you're ready. You'll be asked to affirm that you know it's an adults-only site, but otherwise you can be as anonymous as you wish to be. Give us a holler!

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