Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mollie's Top Ten Parenting Mistakes

Please note that I've limited my list to ten.  If this were a reality show, the list would be MUCH longer.  Thank God there were no data-collecting cameras when my kids were small!

10:  Only feeding the baby orange foods

9:   Believing everything your kid tells you.  Kids lie.  They are supposed to; it's a milestone.  

8:   Taking a 2 year old to Disney Land and expecting them to like "Pirates of the Carribean"  - 
      we spent thousands of dollars taking Peter to Disney World only to have him constantly in  
      tears, not wanting to go on ANY rides other than "Small World."  Consider Disney when the       child understands the line between fantasy and reality (ok, maybe age 30 is too late, but you
      get my point).

7:   Listening to your child's pediatrician over your own gut instinct.  If you have doubts about 
      a medical opinion, get a second.  Or a third!

6:  Don't assume that other parents are as vigilant as you are.  Until you know that another's 
      home is a safe place, no play-dates there.

5:  Kids are much more inter-net astute than you think they are.  You are NOT a nazi-mom
      when you check their surfing history.

4:  We will NEVER have an answer to the spanking issue.  NEVER.  I spanked my kids rarely
      and needed therapy when I did.  Meanwhile, my kids have no criminal records . . .

3:  Not trusting your kids - which is a direct conflict with not believing everything they say
      Yes, kids lie, but they still need your faith in them.   Did we say parenting was easy?

2:  Don't fib to your kids (note I didn't say "lie").  The straight story is the best.  If you think    
      the truth is too much for them, tell them to ask you on their (insert age here) birthday.  Yes
      they will remember come that birthday, and you'll both be glad you waited.

1:   Don't let your kids go to bed without an "I love you"  I pray I didn't make that mistake too 




  1. This was awesome!!! I can count on one hand the number of times my parents said they loved me. I wish that part (and other parts) of my childhood had been different. I can't stress the importance of having a parent who believes in you and lets you know it.

  2. Thank you! I think it's time to hand out a Super Power (we do that here!). Your superpower will be the ability to imagine a better past and then to incorporate it into your future. It works!

  3. Great list!


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