Monday, April 4, 2011

WORF WORF!!!!!!!!!!

Mollie writes:

It's official, I've found a dog that is actually cuter than Boatsie the Wonder Dog! His name is Worf, and he's Roger's and Joy's dog.

He's a chug (Chihuahua/pug) and is ABSOLUTELY the cutest little guy on the planet. His uncle Boatsie played with him off and on all day Sunday, until the little fellow made the the old man exhausted!

I can't imagine a home without a pet, unless allergies are a problem. There is something exclusively lovable about a mutt - and put our two mutts in the same back yard together and you have perpetual ecstasy!


  1. Oh, isn't he just a DOLL? A pug-chihuahua mix sounds like it'd be the ugliest dog on the planet, but he just got the absolute cutest parts of each breed. He's such a sweet-tempered little guy, too.

  2. And he LOVES to pin his Uncle Boatsie!


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