Monday, April 4, 2011

Home-Grown Math

Millie writes:

This goes out to all you home-schoolers out there. Jack and I home-schooled for half his eighth-grade year - I usually look back at those months with quite a bit of nostalgia, but I ran across this old math worksheet today and wonder if it was really as much fun as I remember it!


Problem 1.1
Monday morning, Jackie left the following things for his Mommy to do:

1. Pick up the sweater in the back yard; wring out the sweater
2. Put sweater in laundry
3. Pick up the socks in the back yard; wring out the socks
4. Put socks in laundry
5. Pick up cap in the back yard; wring out the cap
6. Put cap in laundry
7. Pick up broken sunglasses in back yard
8. Glue sunglasses back together
9. Put sunglasses away
10. Pick up chair in back yard; dry off chair
11. Put oatmeal box on kitchen counter away
12. Take down propulsion experiment and put pieces away

If each of these activities takes five minutes to perform, how long will it take Jack’s Mommy to finish? ______________

Problem 1.2

Jack’s Mommy has five other children and a husband. If each of those people leave the same number of things for Jack’s Mommy to do every day, how much time will that take her? (Remember to add Jackie’s time to the total.) _________________

Problem 1.3
Each of the six children in Jackie’s family have an average of 2 daily chores. For these chores to be accomplished, Jackie’s Mommy must remind each child for ten minutes per chore (averaging in the arguments). How much time does Mommy spend daily reminding children to do their chores? _______________

Problem 2.1

Jackie’s Mommy homeschools Jackie for six hours a day. She also must spend at least two hours a day planning what she and Jackie will do the next day. If you DON’T count the weekends, when she plans Jackie’s 8th Grade Curriculum, how many hours a day does Jackie’s Mommy work on school-related things? _____________

Problem 2.2
Jackie’s Mommy also cooks, cleans, makes after-school snacks, does all the laundry, shops for groceries, irons, works in the garden and drives people places (like to the doctor, the dentist, the optician, and choir practice). If she spends a half-hour a day on each of these things, how long will it take her? _____________

Problem 2.3
If Daddy stops talking long enough, Jackie’s Mommy can sometimes sleep from midnight until 6 in the morning. How long is that? _____________

Problem 3: Add up the answers to problems 1.2 through 2.3. How long is that? _________________

Problem 4
: How many hours are there in a day? __________________

Bonus Problem: When will Jackie’s Mommy read, write, bathe, sew, watch a movie, proofread a paper or go to the bathroom? _____________________________________________________________________


  1. Oh gosh, this is so true. I should print it off and hand it to anyone who dares to ask why I'm so tired....

  2. Oh man, THAT takes me back . . .

  3. I NEVER would have had the patience to home school my kids. NEVER!

    Millie and Maggie - SALUTE!


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