Friday, April 8, 2011

365 on 365

Millie writes:

Well, here we are – it's been one year since Mollie and I started this blog, and this is the 365th entry.

It's been a most rewarding year for me, as we've explored every topic from pre-natal nesting to post-retirement sewage referendums and all points in between. We've been joined by Maggie, May and a delightful assortment of guest authors. We've heard from a lot of readers, both here and on Facebook, and we've learned (we're still learning) a lot about the mechanics of writing a blog.

Thank you for being with us this year, for letting us share in your triumphs and setbacks and for listening to ours. If you have a favorite post, it's easy to share it with your friends – those little buttons at the end of each entry make it a cinch to share the blog through email, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz.

What sorts of issues would you like to see The Four M's deal with in the coming year? What topic we've tackled has tickled you? Do you have a question about life, love or parenting that you've always wanted to ask Millie and Mollie?

Whether you've been here from Day 1 or you're a brand-new reader, leave us a note today (you don't have to sign it!) and let us know you've been here. Millie, Mollie, Maggie and May have a lot to say, but the best blogs are collaborations between the authors and the readers.

Thanks for being such a big part of our first year!


  1. Millie -

    It's been a great year of learning for moi! So glad you are a part of it.

    Here's hoping that there's a lot less sewage in the next 12 months -


  2. We actually made it to 365 posts?? Rock on!

  3. I've been reading! Me me me!!!!!!!!!


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