Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Millie's Top 10

Millie writes:

Halloween is this Sunday, which means we've entered what a friend of mine calls “The Halloween-to-New-Year Holiday Death Spiral.” Just in case any of you Dads and Kids out there are working on your gift lists early, I thought I'd post this now; how you wrap them is your problem.

The Top 10 List of What Every Mother Wants for Christmas
10. Vacation days and sick leave
9. A self-cleaning bathroom
8. An item of clothing with no grease stains, bleach spots or spit-up on it
7. A year's worth of dinner menus that don't include hamburger
6. Vaccinations for the common cold
5. A reliable, efficient car that will hold six kids plus groceries – and is a candy-apple red convertible
4. A conversation that doesn't involve chores, homework or the discussion of someone else's feces
3. 24 hours of instant, cheerful cooperation
2. A surprise visit from Jensen Ackles onstage at the school's Winter Concert
And the Number One item that every mother wants for Christmas:

1. A happy, healthy, well-adjusted family clustered around the tree

A final hint: If you get us that last one - don't worry about the other nine.

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