Thursday, October 21, 2010

Laugh of the day!

Mollie writes:

Go to:

and see the life of an average mom on any one day!

Sometimes, you just wish you had stayed in bed and NOT baked that cake.   Frankly, I could go through months of this sort of chaos and wonder what was up.  The good news is that once the video of you getting  ambushed by your kids goes viral, you have probably regained your sense of humor.

I have to admit, I LOVE the internet.  There is the ongoing conversation about whether or not you should post something personal on the internet.  Certainly "outing" your roommate's sexual orientation is a big sin, as well as texting naked pictures of yourself.   But I have to admit, I love the zaniness of the spontaneous goof up.  I'm praying that the woman in this video is at peace with herself, knowing that her  37 seconds of pratfalls made even the most frustrated of fellow sisters laugh.

You can spend the day baking a cake, frosting it, gussying yourself up, and make the dramatic entrance to a family party only to end up in some ditch somewhere.  We've all been there.  But to make the ultimate sacrifice and allow it to be viewed (and I hope she did!) by The Rest of The World is daunting.

Millie and I write this blog to let other parents know that they are not alone.  We joke about projectile pooping, parent-teacher conferences, just who gets the remote control on any one day and a myriad of other daily challenges.

We occasionally give out the random super-power.  But most of us have a super-power lurking in our souls and we just do not recognize it.  The ability to laugh at yourself - and it is myself I'm laughing at when I watch this video - is the greatest super-power there is.  And we already have it!

So my love and sympathy goes out to the 'ditched' mom and her wonderful intentions on producing a lovely cake for a family party.  But also goes out my respect for her, for all the cakes she's made in the past and all the little ditches along the way.

This is the quintessential job of mothering.  Bake a cake, lose your dress and end up in the ditch.  It happens to the best of us every day!

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