Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More on Death

Last November, my father-in-law died.  He was 93 and his poor body was just worn out.  In his younger days, he was a hiker, skier, swimmer, fisherman, and all around outdoorsman.  I'm not surprised that after 93 years, his body was used up.  But his passing was still difficult.

Because his kids live all over the US, have jobs and kids of their own, with grandkids in college or deployed in the middle east, the best we could do for a common date for his memorial service was this last weekend.  Folks were in town from the East Coast, the Left Coast, Montana, and our own Whidbey Island.  Our deployed son had to miss it because of his military commitment, but our Roger was there and a comfort to  his father.

Even after 93 years, it's hard to say goodbye.  He was a loved man and family was there to honor him.  He had lived so long, he'd outlived all of his fishing buddies, but his wife, John's mom, was there, as well as her best friend of over 60 years.  It was touching.

His marker bears the inscription says "Generous, Loving and Loved."   He was generous to his kids and grandkids, loving to his family and beloved by all.  The gravestone says it all.

I often wonder what impact I will have had on this earth once I've passed.  I produced two good children, was a loving spouse, paid my taxes and kept my house clean.  After attending a memorial service, a person is left to wonder "is this enough?"

Yes, it is.

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