Monday, July 26, 2010

Bachelor Summer Camp – July 26

Millie writes:

Let’s see. So far we’ve done: How to make fruit salad, Knives, ironing, mending/buttons/darning, how to tie a necktie (four-in-hand and full Windsor), Intro to Car Work, and a lot of cooking stuff. We were going to do Locate Your Home’s Utility Shutoffs today but Lance had to go run some errands; guess I’ll need to think of something else!

Through great good fortune (and impeccable choosing on Joy’s part), we have access to a Black Belt and Roger is going to teach a self-defense class or two (which I can’t wait to attend myself). Joy, on the other hand, is gearing up to teach Intro to Ballroom Dancing. I’m so thrilled that the whole Bachelor Camp idea is taking on a life of its own – Joy and I were talking about it last weekend and she came up with the idea of Mommy Day Camp. She’s thinking that we should do a similar thing when she and Roger start preparing to have children – how to diaper, how to make baby food, and all that other wisdom that Millies and Mollies have accumulated that would give new parents an edge. Sounds like fun to me!

I’d love to be able to attend some Adult Summer Camps myself. How ‘bout 007 Camp, where you learn to defuse bombs, drive anything with wheels, and be a crack shot with any firearm? Or MacGyver School – they’d issue you a Swiss Army Knife, drop you in a locked warehouse with instructors armed with laser-tag rifles, and you have to get out unscathed. How ‘bout Drama Camp for adults? I can’t be the only one who daydreams about singing the lead in My Fair Lady when I’m up to my armpits in vegetable peelings.

If we’re lucky, we never stop learning, and that’s what Bachelor Summer Camp is about – reminding people how much fun that can be!

Edit: We ended up teaching How to Give an Impromptu Toast and How to Open Wine. We also had the opportunity to teach What to Do if the Cork Breaks in Half; seize all teachable moments, I always say!


  1. I feel like I remember reading somewhere that there really IS a "James Bond training" class that you can take. Must obsessively search for this.

  2. This really IS a fantastic idea. I, too, love how it has grown!

    PS: If only I lived closer, I'd SO be there.


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