Friday, January 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning? The Dog Days of Winter

I've never really gotten into spring cleaning. Frankly, I do like to deep clean once a year, but since I'm a gardening fanatic, and the kids were HOME spring break, I've managed to morph into a winter cleaner.

Our home is usually a disaster once the holidays are over. Then it takes a week just to catch up on the laundry, grocery shop, deal with kids' school issues and the like. Usually I don't have my act together until after January 20th, especially if we've had bad weather and I'm doing storm cleanup, etc.

So, here we are, January 21st. My house is coated with dog hair, dust, lint, dirt, you name it. Things might look relatively tidy to the trained unobserver (untrained observer?) but for anyone who lives here, the truth is out - the kitchen is disorganized, my desk is piled high with 2010 tax stuff, and the 2011 gardening catalogues are piling up.

What's a Mollie to do?

Once the kids were both in school, I started doing my spring cleaning in January. I'd start in the kitchen and do a full sweep of the main floor, then a sweep of the lower level. I'd have both levels clean by the end of February, which was great since the yard was, by then, screaming for attention.

For me, 'spring' cleaning included windows, floors, walls, the whole shebang. I'd wipe down walls, shampoo carpet, clean cabinets and get rid of clothes and books and toys that were no longer being used. This was a good time to check out the kids' rooms, my husband's shop, the kitchen appliances and the laundry appliances. I'd change furnace filters, clean the wood stove, and finally, the coup de grace, clean the garage. And it was all done on the coldest, rainiest days of the year, where you're cooped up anyway.

The best part of it was that, when March came blowing in, I could work in the yard guilt-free. I had no regrets about spending hours in the front yard because the house was already cleaned.

So if you're thinking about killing time these nasty winter days, considering "cleaning outside the box" - it works for me!


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