Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It Ain't Easy Being Me

Mollie writes:

In my efforts to make this blog real, I'm writing this entry to fully itemize my shortcomings.

1) I am not a nerd!

This has been repeatedly brought to my attention by my husband and other significant others. I am merely an adequate person who can type on a keyboard. Please don't make me take anything any further. I have not been able to figure out why I can't post comments on my own blog. I have my better half investigating this issue, and so far, nada. The gods that rule cyberspace have deemed me unworthy, and now, although I can publish new posts, I cannot comment on them.

2) I have limited intelligence!

When trying to trouble shoot for myself, I just dig the hole deeper. This is what happens when I foray into cyberspace. The gods that rule cyberspace have erected a fire-wall that rises from the ashes when I go to any particular HELP page. So, not only am I not a nerd, I'm a barely adequate blogger. This resulted when my mother dropped me at age 6 months.

3) I have absolutely no patience!

Forget that I've given birth without spinals. Forget that I've dealt with MS and interferon therapy for 15 years. Forget that I've passed kidney stones. Forget that my liver went on strike when the Dr. rx'ed the wrong drugs. Forget that I stayed home with my kids, often for long stretches alone, when it simply wasn't cool for me to do so. Forget that I try not to rant hysterically every time my kid gets deployed. I'm an old fashioned girl who woke up in the new millennium with absolutely no coping tools and I'm pissed.

4) I am probably paranoid, but I don't trust Ad-Sense!

Not enough to never click them to check out what they are posting on my blogspot. Call me crazy, but I do randomly click the ad (like once a month, thank you very much) to be sure that there aren't any links to questionable spots. I know I clicked that I wouldn't EVER check the advertising, but really, one of my serious flaws is . . .

5) I believe in personal responsibility!

Which is why I checked my ad sense link. Blind trust is a no-no in my book. I HAVE to police my own site.

6) I am, occasionally, rational!

This came about when I was six years old and Sister Ursula told me that the Holy Innocents only went to Limbo. I raised my hand and said "That isn't fair" - a note went home to my parents and the rest is history. I still believe in God, I just don't always take Sister Ursula seriously. I know that I will burn in HELL eternally, but I just don't believe that God is a Meanie.

7) Pursuant to utterly nothing, I eat what I please!

It's not really relevant, but I'm ranting golldangit.

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  1. It is definitely not easy being an IBM Selectric in a PC world. It is easy to see how "primitive" man believed in evil spirits, because I'm convinced that for some reason the Noting Fairies have it in for you - it's the only explanation either me or the Engineers have come up with.

    We've grown ROSES, Mollie. We can do this!!


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