Sunday, May 2, 2010


Every parent needs superpowers.  When I was startled awake back in 1982 with a premature baby, I needed all the superpowers I could muster.  Long has been the time when we all thought superpowers were things like x-ray vision, invisibility, ESP and the like.  Then you become a parent, and the REAL superpowers become clear.

There are many superpowers, too many here to mention.   Millie and I are graciously handing them out left and right to all out there who want them, but here, in this post, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.  


Yep, you heard it here first.  You have a broad array of superpowers that you are  just now discovering.  It's amazing that after nearly 30 years of parenting I am still discovering superpowers I didn't know I had.  But there it is, like that latent gene for hoarding or wiping up after your husband.  You just can't help it, you are SUPER!!!!!!!

This has always amazed me.  We are each just like the Scarecrow, Tin-man and Lion from Oz.  Each of them had the ability to realize their goals, they just needed the wisdom to recognize it.  Once you realize that you need to learn something, improve on something, stop doing something, etc. you develop superpowers.  It's just that simple.

 Part of the art of Oz was the wisdom to keep your goals reasonable.  The Scarecrow WAS already smart, the Tin-man loving and the Lion was bravest when he faced his fears.  So when they faced their dilemmas they were able to identify them and move forward.  

Now that's a superpower!

So it is with parenting.  You are a good parent when you aspire to be a good parent.  Acknowledging the fragility of parenting is a deep realization, especially when you realize that you have the ability to screw up.  

You are a good parent when you look for answers.   Knowing that you aren't perfect is a good first step.  As Billy Joel said, so wisely, "You're supposed to make mistakes."  So if you make one (or better said WHEN you make one) don't be afraid to acknowledge it.  Just keep plodding forward.

Humility is often a huge superpower.  I had gut instincts that I listened to, but overall, a good chat with my mommie-buddies or pediatrician was also a boost.  You don't have all the answers.  You aren't perfect.  It's ok to swallow your pride and look outside yourself for guidance, just remember that none of us is perfect either.

So, send us questions, we'll answer them, if we can.  If we can't just give you an answer, chances are we'll give you a superpower.   Sometimes there are no solutions you want (a big part of parenting), sometimes they are painful, sometimes they are easy and staring you in the face!

Patience is a superpower, so is humility, so is self-esteem.  Laughter is a huge superpower.  It's just knowing when to dig into your magic mommy bag and take one out.  And if you can't find it, let us know, we might be able to tap into another superpower.

I had to tap into a superpower to write today's blog entry.  Sometimes I get swept away by things in my peripheral life that impact my chore at hand.  But I tapped into "commitment" and managed to write today anyway.  I may be a bit rambling, a bit disorganized, a bit silly, but somehow, I've managed to write almost coherently.  

Welcome to Parenting! 

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