Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Roger!!!!!!!!

You were a hoot from day one!  If ever a baby was born with a sense of humor, it was you.  You had enormous imagination, pragmatic wisdom, and, frankly, an eye for art even as you identified colors, shapes, textures and emotive qualities of the visual world.  

You were born a darling baby, and when you are older than dirt, there will still be some of that little guy lurking around the corner.  Twenty-six is a wonderful age - filled with promise, hard work, love and fun.  Enjoy!

Millie Writes:

Happy birthday, Roger! You have set the bar impossibly high for all future "children-in-law." You are responsible without being stuffy, playful without being childish, funny without being crude and loving without being icky. You're a credit to your parents and your own hard work, and we couldn't be more pleased with our daughter's choice.

PS - Can't wait to give you The Project tomorrow - hope you like it! ;)

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  1. The love of two mother's being poured out on one fellow--the lucky dude. :P


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