Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mollie writes:

Well, I whined too soon. This schmuck is sitting inside watching the snow pour down. Did I mention that we live on an island on Planet Whoops?

Whidbey Island is a planet unto its own. We get snow at 36 degrees, and it piles up in a nice wet glop. After it snows, THEN the temperature plummets and we get "sn'ice" - an Islander's version of snow and ice. Build up a little weight on the power lines and we get a power outage. Since we are principally a residential area and lightly populated at that, we are a low priority for repairs.

So, John's at the grocery store, stocking up on stock-upables. I'm making sure that the laundry is finito, and that all appliances are organized for the switch over to generator. My personal DVD players are charged, my flashlights have fresh batteries, and the propane tank is full.

There must be something I'm forgetting . . .

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